Amputee Soccer

Amputee soccer is an international disability sport played in more than 60 countries. The game is played 7v7 on a 3/4 size field with six field players having one leg and forearm crutches and one goalie having one arm that is confined to the goalie box. The sport is fast, physical, and exciting. It is called the “fastest game on one leg” for a reason.

Equipment Options

The game of amputee soccer is largely played in the same way as traditional soccer with a few adaptations. All field players need forearm crutches. The game is played on crutches rather than prosthetics in order to level the playing field between different levels of amputations. Learning to play amputee soccer can be quite challenging. Moving around on crutches brings about its own unique challenges and athletes often find transitioning from prosthetics to crutches difficult.

Ability Level Conciderations

All fielding players must have one leg amputation or Les Autres. Goal keepers can have two legs but must have one arm amputation or Les Autres.

Ease of Access

Turf, Grass, or an indoor court with goals are the only necessities needed to play and luckily you can find these worldwide.

Instructional Videos

Videos coming soon!


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