Often referred to as “Wheelchair Basketball”

Possibly the most famous of the wheelchair sports, wheelchair basketball is a wildly intense court sport that can be played almost anywhere. With only a couple rule modifications from the able-bodied format, it is easy to see why this is one of the most watched Paralympic sports. Many can get started through a local league, and adjustable sport chairs allow beginners to find their settings before going full custom.


Equipment Options

At a basic level, the biggest decision is an adjustable or a custom chair. From there, anti-tipper back wheels, dump, camber, and other factors can be customized based on ability level and preference.

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Ability Level Considerations

Basketball has a robust classification system that allows people with a wide range of ability levels to compete on a level playing field. Teams are allowed a cumulative number of points on the court (12, for instance), with each player being ranked from 1 to 4.5 (the highest function class). This limits teams in how many high function players can be on the court at one time. The ability to push a chair and throw a ball are the only requirements.

Ease of Access

Wheelchair basketball is popular across the country, especially in cities. The major limitation is access to chairs, but many leagues and organizations have loaner chairs. Once you find a group to play with, grants are available to help many players afford their own chairs.

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General Sport Chairs

Like many court sports, a specialized chair is often only necessary at the elite level. However, it’s adisable to make sure your sport chair has two features: basketball wings (the front guard bar) and anti-tippers (rear tip wheels).

Basketball Chairs

Basketball chairs are very similar to general sport chairs, with a few customizations that aid in the contact-heavy nature and high-reach scenarios of basketball.

Pro Basketball

These chairs take the specialties of a basketball chair to the max. All custom measurements and extra durable.

Equipment Info

Check out the equipment options available. Each one varies based on level of injury, but there’s something for everyone. Try a few different styles, and decide which is best for you.

Getting gear envy?

Check out our grants & funding page to find organizations, like the Kelly Brush Foundation, that can help you afford your very own equipment.

Grants & Opportunities

Instructional Videos

We’ve partnered with the world-class wheelchair basketball teams at the University of Arizona to create in-depth resources for all aspects of basketball. Learn more about their UA Adaptive Athletics here.

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Tips: Tilting - Blaise

Tips: Bounce Turn - Ny'Kol

Tips: Recovering from a Fall - Ben (L5)

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Rules & Competitive Overview

Classification System

Equipment: Chair Taper

Equipment: High vs. Low Pointer Chairs

Equipment: Leg Straps

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Transport: Pushing the Chair

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