For many, there is no purer form of relaxation than a day of fishing. Whether your ideal day involves eight hours on the ice waiting for a nibble or a two hour fight with a monster of the sea, fishing is an easy sport to enjoy regardless of disability. From specialty kayaks to tricks to adapt a rod to your needs, thousands of anglers have found ways to get back on the water.

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Like fishing in general, there are a number of factors to consider. What type of water, what type of fish, and how you’d like to be are all factors.

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For para-level injuries, fishing mostly requires modifications to access the water. For quad-level injuries, adaptations help with access plus any assistance required to use a fishing rod and other equipment.

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Specialized boats and kayaks may only be available at programs in areas where fishing is very popular, but simpler solutions and the help of a friend can make fishing largely universal.

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Check out the equipment options available. Each one varies based on level of injury, but there’s something for everyone. Try a few different styles, and decide which is best for you.

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