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Unlike other sports pages, this one exists primarily to share information about the range of available sport chairs that can be used in a number of separate sports.

While sport chairs may not at first glance seem very specialized, they offer a number of massive benefits over everyday chairs. From increased ruggedness to better balance and speed, sport chairs allow an athlete to level up in one or many sports in a big way.

Equipment Options

There are two major decisions with sport chairs: whether to get a custom chair and whether to get a chair specialized to your sport. Adjustable chairs allow for growth and fit changes, but give up performance. And sport-specific chairs are necessary for some sports, but may only offer a small benefit in others.

Injury Level Considerations

Sport chairs can either be made adjustable or built to exact measurements, allowing people to customize to their disabilities and needs. Factors like chair “dump,” seat width, wheel “taper,” and more all allow a sport chair to become an extension of your body.

Ease of Access

The availability of individual sports may vary, but there’s a good chance you could find a use for a general sport chair almost anywhere in the US. Whether it’s a wheelchair sport league or just playing tennis at a local court, they can be used in dozens of different activities.

General Sport Chairs

These chairs can offer a number of benefits over everyday chairs, and can be used for a number of sports. However, they may not allow participation in some sports that require extra protection or specific features.

Everyday Chair Customizations

Some people may opt to make upgrades to their existing chair that increase performance and avoid the need for a transfer, but this can have significant drawbacks.

Sport-Specific Chairs

Most chair manufacturers have developed chairs specific to the sport that helps increase efficiency. These chairs can have features that go beyond what the general sports chair offer which are often used in competitive environments.

Equipment Options

Check out the equipment options available. Each one varies based on the user’s ability, but there’s something for everyone. Try a few different styles, and decide which is best for you.

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