Unsurprisingly, enterprising individuals have found creative ways to enjoy the ‘greatest game ever played,’ regardless of disability. Golf is one of a select few sports that involve no rule modifications for its adaptive counterpart, and the handicap system lends itself well to diverse participation. The main adaptive component, a golf chair/cart, can be very expensive, but is becoming increasingly available at courses around the US.


Equipment Options

Adaptive golf equipment largely hinges on need. For people who can ambulate, golf may look largely the same. For those needing more support, specialized carts exist that can raise a player to a standing position to swing.

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Injury Level Considerations

What type of cart, customizations to that cart, and how you swing while maintaining balance are the major factors to think about, but they are all addressable for people with some range of motion in at least one arm.

Ease of Access

While adaptive golf carts are allowed at most golf courses (as part of “reasonable accommodations” of the ADA), it may be more difficult to find a course that has one available. Grants may be available, but it’s best to find a course willing to help with storage as well.

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Mobility Carts

While not the most complex piece of adaptive kit, mobility carts may be the most available solution for a subset of golfers. If your swing requires minimal external stabilization and support, these could be a perfect option.

Adaptive Golf Carts

These souped up golf carts not only allow the access of a powered chair, but also help a golfer get into swing position, and can be equipped with chest straps for trunk support.

Equipment Options

Check out the equipment options available. Each one varies based on level of injury, but there’s something for everyone. Try a few different styles, and decide which is best for you.

Starting to get gear envy?

The KBF Active Fund will cover up to 100% of need for eligible applicants with SCI to purchase their own adaptive sports equipment.

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