This page mainly focuses on wheel-based solutions to all-terrain mobility. If you feel any other solutions belong here, please let us know here.”

Hiking is one of the most common, simplest, and most locally available activities for able-bodied participants, but complex terrain can be intimidating for people with disabilities. Luckily, a plethora of adaptive options, and a growing network of accessible and “adaptable” trail systems make it one of the fastest growing adaptive sports.

How Adaptive Hiking Works

Check out the key facts and equipment info to get started, but make sure to check out the Instructional Videos to see how it really looks.


Equipment Options

There are two main categories for hiking devices: attachments that augment an existing chair and dedicated all-terrain chairs. (Offroad handcycles are covered on the Mountain Biking page).

Injury Level Considerations

Although arm strength is often a relevant factor in hiking chairs, it can be overcome with e-assist or fully electric solutions. Choosing a route that works with your equipment and ability level is the most important consideration.

Ease of Access

All-terrain chairs are becoming increasingly common at local parks and municipal spaces, and thousands of miles of trails in the US are accessible, especially with the right equipment.

Wheelchair Attachments

All-terrain chair attachments allow three major conveniences: avoiding a transfer, reducing cost, and reducing storage requirements. Many people love these attachments for their needs, but they often bring limitations on complex terrain.

Manual All-Terrain Chairs

Bi-skis provide more balance support than monoskis, and are a great option for beginners and those with limited to no trunk support. Bi-skis can be used independently or with assistance.

Powered All-Terrain Chairs

Four-tracking is a great fit for people with high levels of mobility, especially standing paras. “Four-track” refers to two skis + two outrigger supports, allowing for balance support without sitting.

Offroad Handcycles

This is a large category of equipment, and is mostly associated with adaptive mountain biking. Check out our full resource page on Mountain Biking here.

Equipment Options

Check out the equipment options available. Each one varies based on level of injury, but there’s something for everyone. Try a few different styles, and decide which is best for you.

Instructional Videos

Check back soon for more comprehensive skiing videos (we’re hitting the snow and recording it ASAP).

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