Wheelchar Lacrosse also known as “WC LAX”

Lacrosse is based on a sacred Native American game that has been played for centuries. Wheelchair lacrosse has been adapted from the original game and offers the complete package—the speed of basketball, the skill of hockey, and the toughness of rugby. We strive to honor the rich history and tradition of the sport while showing that lacrosse is truly a game for all.


Equipment Options

The only adaptive equipment needed to play wheelchair lacrosse is a general sports wheelchair or basketball wheelchair. The rest of the equipment is the same as what able-bodied athletes use.

Ability Level Considerations

Playing competitive and recreational Wheelchair lacrosse is for everyBODY. As long as you can push yourself using a manual wheelchair you are welcome to play.

Ease of Access

Wheelchair lacrosse is best played on a rink but a basketball court or any hard surface will suffice. A general sports wheelchair or basketball wheelchair is needed so if there’s not a program offering this sport locally but they offer basketball, you can start your own team easily.

General Sports Chair

Like many court sports, a specialized chair is often only necessary at the elite level. However, it’s adisable to make sure your sport chair has two features: basketball wings (the front guard bar) and anti-tippers (rear tip wheels).

Equipment Info

Like many court sports, lacrosse can be played with a general sport chair, or customized with features that make it even more specialized. For most players, though, all they’ll need is a well-fitting sports chair with basketball front guard bars and anti-tippers.

Instructional Videos

We’ve Partnered with Utahs Rolling Raptors to create in-depth resources for all aspects of wheelchair Lacrosse. Learn more about Rolling Raptors

Rules & Competition Equipment Transfers Tips & Tricks

Rules: Body Checking

Rules: Contact With The Stick

Rules: Rules Of The Game

Rules: Substitutions

Rules: The Ball

Rules: Violations & Penalties

Rules: Who Can Play

Equipment: Backrest & Casters

Equipment: Body Protection & Stick

Equipment: Camber

Equipment: Dump

Equipment: Straps & Bumpers

Transfers: Matt C6

Transfers: Eli T4

Transfers: Max T12

Transfer: Travis T10

Tips & Tricks: How To Push

Tips & Tricks: Alternate Pushing

Tips & Tricks: Passing & Shooting

Tips & Tricks: Screening

Tips & Tricks: Face Off

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