Did you know pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport?  People of all ages are taking the courts for fun and competition. Pickleball was created by Joel Pritchard, a congressman from Washington, and Bill Bell, a successful businessman in 1965 outside Seattle Washington. Just like most sports, people with disabilities wanted to join in on the fun, and luckily very few adaptations are needed. Grab your paddle and meet at the courts to become a pickler.


Equipment Options

Technically, there are no equipment adaptations to start playing pickleball but a sports wheelchair will be more efficient and much safer. Sports wheelchair’s wheels are cambered which helps reduce the chair from tipping from side to side. A sports chair will also have wheelie bars that keep the chair from tipping backward.


Injury Level Considerations

Adaptive Pickleball is played in wheelchair format but can be played by a wide range of abilities. Unlike most wheelchair sports, there are no specific classifications leaving pickleball open to just about anyone.


Ease of Access

Pickleball courts can be found at public parks, recreation centers, and even backyards.

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