This page encompasses the basics of wheelchair racing for track, marathons, road racing, and other rim-pushing athletic events. In the future, we will add other adaptive Track & Field events.

There are few sports purer than a simple race, and the high intensity battle between streamlined wheelchairs is no different. No gears, no fancy tech, only pure human pushing across the line. However, like professional track, equipment plays a critical role, and people battle for the tenth of a second advantage a minor customization might provide.


Equipment Options

Unlike most adaptive sports, racing chairs look almost identical across the sport. However, material differences and fine-tuned adjustments make significant differences based on differing needs and body types.

Injury Level Considerations

Trunk strength makes a significant difference at competitive levels, but racing offers opportunities for many ability levels. Dump, push rim diameter, and other aspects allow people to adapt to their bodies.

Ease of Access

Because of its prevalence in elite competitions, including the Paralympics, racing is fairly common in metro areas around the US.

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Custom Aluminum Racing Chairs

No matter if you're a beginner or an elite athlete aluminum chairs are built for the user. It should fit like a glove for maximum performance and comfort. They can come in many forms including U, V, and sitting frames.

Custom Carbon Racing Chairs

Carbon Race Chairs have taken the sport to a new level. Cutting weight has maximized performance. Like Aluminum frames the chair is built to the user.

Equipment Options

Check out the equipment options available. Specific accommodations exist for differing injury levels, but most racing chairs look very similar and differ in materials and performance features.

Instructional Videos

We’ve partnered with the world-class Track & Field team at the University of Arizona to create in-depth resources for all aspects of racing. Learn more about their UA Adaptive Athletics here.

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Racing: Chair Transfer - Chelsea (SB)

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