Often referred to as “Wheelchair Rugby,” “Quad Rugby,” and previously “Murderball”

Hit or be hit… contact is at the heart of wheelchair rugby’s appeal. A game invented for quadriplegics, Wheelchair Rugby is a team sport played with a volleyball on a basketball-size court with end lines. Athletes play in specific rugby chairs which have special accommodations such as a front bumper, wings, and spoke protectors. The objective is for a player to carry a ball across the opponent’s goal line in order to score a point.


Equipment Options

While recreational rugby could probably be played in a general sport chair, the intense nature of wheelchair rugby benefits from a specialized chair. Additionally, experienced players will eventually want to choose an offensive or defensive chair for added benefits.

Injury Level Considerations

This is one of the few sports specifically designed for quadriplegics, so many leagues require some loss of function in at least three limbs. However, at a recreational level people of all ability levels are often welcome.

Ease of Access

Due to the specialized equipment required, wheelchair rugby can be slightly harder to find around the US. However, robust leagues keep the sport alive and well. In rural areas, travel may be required to find a team.

Offensive Rugby Chairs

The full-contact nature means that offensive players want to keep from getting wrapped up in a defensive player's chair. Lower profile pickbars and smooth guards keep players from getting hooked.

Defensive Rugby Chairs

Make your hits count with specialized pickbars that can help hook a player and stop them in their tracks.

Equipment Options

Check out the equipment options available. Each one varies based on level of injury, but there’s something for everyone. Try a few different styles, and decide which is best for you.

Instructional Videos

Check back soon for more comprehensive Rugby videos. If your team wants to help create these videos please reach out to [email protected]

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