Water Skiing & Wakeboarding

Often referred to as “Sit Skiing” or “Trick Skiing”

Most commonly called Sit Skiing, due to its most popular equipment configuration, water skiing and wakeboarding are popular summer adaptive activities. There are many equipment adaptations for a wide range of people with different abilities. Many adaptive sports organizations offer lesson or clinic days where you can learn how to ski.


Equipment Options

Equipment choice will largely depend on your level of mobility, weight, height, and skill level. For users that have lower limb mobility issues, a variety of sized aluminum cages act as your seat which mounts to the waterski or wakeboard. Some waterskis have a device called a block that the rope connects to for users who have arm and hand dexterity issues that hinder them from holding onto the rope and handle. You can also mount outriggers and a backrest between the cage and ski to help keep users who have limited trunk control afloat. Users who have an upper limb amputation can stand up ski using a shoulder sling called the delgard sling which helps hold onto the rope and handle.

Injury Level Considerations

With adaptations, most people can participate in waterskiing. Most adaptive sports programs will have all the adaptive equipment, boat, and trained staff for a fun day out on the water.

Ease of Access

If you live near a body of water, there’s a good chance you live near an adaptive program that offers adaptive waterskiing and wakeboarding. Reach out to your local adaptive sports program to sign up to water ski today!

Water Skis

Skis are designed for beginners and professionals.


Theres nothing adaptive about this type of equipment. Users able bodied and disabled use the same board manufacturers.


Each cage is built to its users specs. Some cages are built for slalom skiing and some are built for wakebaording.

Equipment Options

There are different equipment options for water skiing and wakeboarding. Each activity can be done by beginners and professionals of multiple ability levels.

Instructional Videos

Check back soon for more comprehensive waterskiing and wakeboarding videos. If we missed something please reach out to activeproject@kellybrushfoundation.org

Basics Transfers

Basics: Staying Afloat Matt T-12

Basics: Independent Start Matt T-12

Transfers: Into Water Matt T-12

Transfers: Into Boat Matt T-12

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