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    Although not new to my injury (T5), I am fairly new to adaptive sports. I really want to try kayaking but I am in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest with not a ton of resources close by. I have been researching and it seems like a sit on top would be a good fit but have also seen some in videos with torso supports added. I’ve got pretty good core strength thanks to lots of “torture” from my trainer, but balance is not always great. Any ideas from experienced folks? I have a lake not even 6 blocks away calling my name.



    @kjore612 Kayaking is really fun. It doesn’t look like there are many options in your neck of the woods. You could always apply for KBF’s Path2Active Scholarship to help cover travel expenses so you can try out kayaking with an adaptive sports organization.


    Yesterday I went kayaking with a friend who was doing the first launch of his kayak. His goal is to be independent with kayaking (launching, transferring, & recovery). We learned a lot throughout the day. He will get to that independence eventually. It was a good reminder to me that no matter how long ago we were injured and how much function we have regained, each time we do something new, we need to be patient with ourselves as we develop the skills for that new activity.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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