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Adaptive Basketball

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    My name is Garrison Redd, I am a team usa para-powerlifter and recreational basketball player. Being an adaptive athlete has had a tremendous impact on my life since suffering my spinal cord injury, the first adaptive sport I played was basketball. Playing adaptive basketball has helped improve my wheelchair mobility, playing with others also had an impact on my social life, it also made me a part of a community where I developed everlasting friendships. In New York City which is where I am from the “wheelchairsportsfederation” hosts many adaptive basketball events. Also at Mount Sinai, we host adaptive basketball expos in collaboration with Cuny Adaptive Sports.
    For individuals that are looking to get involved in adaptive sports specifically basketball please reach out to me on Instagram and I will be happy to share some resources with you. Instagram @garrisonredd



    What’s going on Garrison! My name is Shane. I currently play for the Fort Lauderdale memorial rehab sharks. Wheelchair basketball was the best support group I found after injury. I enjoy playing as well. I use a per4max chair now. Are you playing for any teams right now?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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