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Is it as controversial for handcyclists as it is with bicyclists? – E-Assist

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  • Posted by Scott P.

    I’m a member of several Able Bodied cycling forums where E-Assist is a topic that generates lots of heat, often without any light. Such as posts advocating physical violence against e-bike riders are called out by some, and then justified as just jokes by others. There was a social ride that included an 11 year old boy riding an e-bike, who recently survived brain cancer, was called a cheater and people took sides as to whether the boy was indeed a cheater or the man calling him that was wrong to do so, etc.

    How about with handcyclists? Do you: hate E-Assist? love E-Assist? wish you could find a conversion kit for your handcycle? wish you could afford a conversion kit that could be installed on your handcycle? wish you could afford a handcycle with E-Assist built in?

    For those loving or wanting E-Assist, how does/would it impact your riding/use of your handcycle?

    Maybe I’ll hit a nerve and get a response from someone here.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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