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Potentially a thread that will generate strong feelings – “Best” handcycle.

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  • Posted by Scott P.

    It might help others to hear what is your favorite handcycle, and why. Keep it friendly, even if someone endorses the worst handcycle ever made, in your opinion.

    To start, I’ve used Top End Force G, Force RX, Force 3, and Excelerator. Also a FreedomRyder FRH-1R.

    Currently, I use the Excelerator for running errands and short trips around town. It sits high so I can see and be seen. It is high enough to reach the button on stoplights to call for the walk signal. It’s turning radius is tight enough I can go into and go up and down the aisles in the stores.

    My favorite of all time is the FreedomRyder FRH-1R. It was a comfortable ride. It is the best quality manufacture of any handcycle I’ve ever had/worked on. It traveled well, because it disassembled easily as well as an easy reassembly, so it went easily in the car or hard side case for airplane travel. Tools required were few and simple.

    My current long distance/workout ride is the Force 3. Modifications I wanted could not be done on the FreedomRyder, but I could do them on the Force 3. The Force 3 is my third choice, since I like the Force G better, but the Force G likewise was not capable of taking the modifications I wanted.

    What do you like about your current handcycle? Anything you don’t like? Things you wish you knew/considered before getting it?


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