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MN kayakers?

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    Okay, not just MN kayakers, but I was hoping to maybe find someone sort of nearby. So I am wanting to start kayaking but need to know what options are, what works well, what doesn’t etc. I have a lake not 6 blocks from me that I really want to go out on but not until I know more.



    @kjore612 Kayaking is one of those recreational opportunities that you don’t necessarily need an adaptive sports org depending on your comfort and ability. Adaptive sports organizations that offer kayaking are a great way to start because they have it dialed in. Depending on your ability they have specific equipment that can help make the experience more fun and efficient.

    If you want to go the other route you can too. I reached out to my local kayak rental shops. I let them know of my disability/needs and they made sure folks were around to help transfer and launch me into the water. They usually don’t know exactly how to help so you have to direct them in the best way to assist. I always recommend using a PFD for safety. It’s also nice to go with friends/family to help you get back into the kayak in case you tip over. It happens sometimes. I usually take my seat cushion with me to help prevent pressure sores.

    I’ve kayaked in Puerto Rico, San Francisco Bay, and many lakes all over the US. You can do it!


    Kristin – I saw this and was going to email you to let you know and then I realized it was you. 😉 I wish it were spring so we could see you out kayaking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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