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One year riding aMTB

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    I just recently celebrated one year of riding a Bowhead Reach. In Sept 2022, I had the amazing opportunity through KASA and Rocky Mountain Adaptive to attend a women’s Flow retreat. It was there I met Sierra Roth, an awesome coach and aMTB rider. This retreat was the first connection I had to the disability community and I learned so much and felt a sense of belonging I didn’t have for the first 15 months after spinal cord injury.
    I have an L2 spinal cord injury that happened from a fall in June 2021; initially I had no idea how serious it was or really what other challenges came with this kind of injury.
    I did not have proper access to rehab and had to pay out of pocket for all the physical therapy. I was disappointed by lack of progress and just felt I must not be trying hard enough to “get better” (ie. walk).
    I came from a trail running background and spent all my spare time outdoors and in the forest. Most of my friends were runners and it became apparent I no longer fit in that space.

    Adaptive MTB has changed my life. Having a Bowhead Reach has given me access to the forest again. I applied to the Bowhead 2023 Sport Development Team and I got on!!!!!

    After riding in Canmore at my first Flow retreat, I was able to go to another Flow event put on by KASA and Ability 360 in Phoenix AZ in March 2023 then was able to go to Squamish in May 2023 to ride with amazing people.
    I also applied to be on the All Bodies on Bikes Team to go to SBTgrvl race in Steamboat Springs CO in August 2023. It was such an incredible experience.
    I’m heading to Bentonville in 2 weeks to ride. I’ve been so lucky to meet such amazing people.

    My goal for 2024 is to keep improving my riding skills, attend a downhill/ dual slalom race, improve local trail access, and help others get out riding.

    I’m about 1 hour from Toronto so if you come to 🇨🇦 hit me up!

    – Jen Gadoua


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