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Bike club is adaptive friendly

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    Hey folks –

    My bike club “Wheelie Spoked” is a group of positive like-minded individuals who like to “Ride bikes, have fun, do good.”

    We have weekly group rides in Salt Lake City or Park City that often start with donuts or end at a taco shop. We have monthly volunteer sessions.

    There are discounts from a local shop, Spinergy and several other sponsors.

    Check us out on Facebook or Instagram! Have a great day.



    Hey all. I’ll be in Park City, Utah, vacationing from May 25 to Jun 1st. I suffered a brain embolism coming off a half marathon. I’m looking for a 3-wheel trike I can rent or borrow for the week. Can anyone guide me? I’m also looking for some adaptive activities to do. I have paralysis on my left foot/leg and walk with a walker. However, I ride the peloton and my 3-wheeler at home in FLA. Does anyone know of some adaptive sports in Park City or nearby?


    National Ability center is located in Park City. They have adaptive bikes Of all sort available there. You cannot borrow them, but you can sign up to ride with them.

    Wasatch adaptive And TRAILS adaptive are located in Salt Lake City. Both have opportunities to Ride with them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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