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Heli sitskiing!! Who’s next??

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  • Posted by Anna Soens

    Howdy! My name is Anna – I’m an incomplete para based in central Oregon and have been part of the KBF community since my first equipment grant from them in 2016. Over the years, KBF has kept tabs on my hare-brained “para-ski-mountaineering” endeavors, and I’ve thrived in (and because of?) the community they’ve helped connect and strengthen. It’s this community, this network of other active paras who motivate me, and our able-bodied friends who bring the stoke (and sometimes the muscle), that has totally fueled my life post-injury and has allowed me to keep dreaming big! If I’ve learned anything in my 7 years as a para, it’s that community is everything – and surrounding yourself with other active, hyped paras is the only way to fly!

    Most recently, KBF’s support helped me tick off a big-time item from the proverbial ol’ bucket list: heliskiing in Alaska!!! I get psyched ANY time I’m able to sitski in the backcountry, because logistically, those two things just don’t normally jive easily. So to have a helicopter plop me on top of a mountain, my brain nearly exploded from the excitement. And the runs down…oh man…some of the sweetest, butter-iest, most scenic untracked runs ever. Mmmmm. Take me back!! (Too bad I don’t make enough money to make a habit of this new addiction haha…)

    SO. Who’s next?? What have you been dreaming of? …and what are you waiting for? What’s inside your head telling you “there’s no way!”? Because, let me tell you, there are a billion reason why I never thought I’d be floating around in a helicopter.

    7 years ago, I couldn’t have dreamed of heliskiing if I tried haha. I didn’t know how to ski, my body sucks at regulating temperature, I’m not a millionaire, the list goes on! But each project, opportunity, and dream that I’ve had has built and grown upon the last one. Corny take home?: You cannot fathom the dreams you will have 7 years from now. Don’t cut them short by not living the ones you have now.



    WOW @annas that Heli-skiing video was epic. I like how big your dreams are. I grew up snowboarding and picked up mono skiing in 2008 a year after my SCI. I took a break for a few years but after moving to Utah 3 years ago I got back on the ski. KBF hooked me up with an Active Fund Grant so I have my own ski set up now.

    Have y’all checked out KBF Active Project Ski Page yet. There’s tons of cool information for newbies and OG’s.

    Utah just got it’s first snow last week and this week. I can’t wait to be jamming around Snow Bird with @wasatchadaptivesports Wasatch Adaptive Sports soon.


    @annas this is honestly one of the best monoski videos ever!!! I was fortunate enough to get a grant from the KBF for a monoski too and has helped me ski all over the world.

    I would love to do a cat skiing trip with a bunch of monoskiers and work on my powder game. Anyone else interested in that?

    Or if anyone is interested in coming to Vermont in January for the KBF Monoski Camp with Vermont Adaptive at Sugarbush let us know!!!!



    Anna this is amazing! I love the pictures and reading your story.
    I have been skiing all my life and for the past 10 years or so been into ski mountaineering. I love it! Thank you for sharing your story and I hope we get to ski together sometime! Todd


    Hey Anna, that is so cool that you got to experience heli skiing. I was injured just last year I start sit skiing last season. I remember watching that video of you awhile back and I was so motivated. Thank you for being such a cool para. Keep pushing🦽


    That video is the best, Anna. You are amazing. Learning to monoski is not easy. But… I think things started to click for me at the end of last season and I’m psyched to try again this year. Hoping to get there!


    Great video. Huge “jones” over that one. Reminds me of a heli skiing trip to the Selkirks in early 2000s.
    So, YES GREG! I’d love to join a heli skiing trip with other monoskiers. Let’s do it!!


    Anna, epic video! That looks super exciting and I may be interested when my skill level is high enough for that!

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