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    This summer I joined a Ski Show team for the first time as an adaptive skier. I was the only adaptive athlete at the Regional tournament and National Championships show skiing tournament.

    I’m looking for others out there that love adaptive water skiing. Anyone ski with show ski team?

    Toward end of the season I based a pyramid with a knee boarder. Looking for others that are adaptive skiers interested in organizing a bigger all adaptive water ski base pyramid. Love to see a 3 tier to start but 5 tier is my ultimate goal.

    Would any adaptive water skiers be interested?



    Hey @wheels30 I’ve been waterskiing/wakeboarding for over a decade but have never had an idea like this. Show skiing seems much bigger in the Midwest. This sounds like an awesome wild idea. Love it. Where are you located or where would this take place? Can’t wait to see where this conversation goes.


    I’m not set on a place at this time but love to coordinate a centralized location for any participants that would want to join.

    I’m located in Iowa, near Waterloo is where I ski with the Watherhawks.


    @wheels30 have you talked with Adaptive Sports Iowa about putting on a clinic or promoting your goal?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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